After years of $20/week grocery budgets, 60-80 hour work weeks and constant fear of not making my rent, I decided to return to school. I had no idea where to begin but I knew I needed a degree that would allow me to pay my bills with a roughly 40 hour a week job so that I could find time and money to make art. When I was an art student I took a Calculus class and when I was going to make a C in the class, I dropped the class to save my GPA and took an easier class to fulfill my math requirement. When I returned to school I didn't know what I wanted to study but I knew I had to finish that class that I never completed. I approached my studies much more seriously the second time around and fell in love with math. Math, physics and the natural world have continued to be a theme in my artwork since that time. My newfound love of math led me to a degree in Material Science Engineering and I have loved my studies ever since.